Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Boys Mid-Winter

Red and Kodachrome in the back. Nightcap(aka Bailleys)and Captain in the foreground. Wintertime Red Velvet--Forrest son out of Ruby. He has an incredibly soft, fine single-coat. We think he may even be better than his sire who tested 21 as a two-year old. We shall see.
Li'lCountry Nightcap--Dillon/Holly/Timothy lines and appears to be modified moorit in color. He has a very fine/crimpy/locky fleece that is consistent. He may be for sale this summer to make room for another Little Country polled ram.
Winter Sky Captain is a son of Forrest and out of Winter Sky Amaretto. He has an amazingly soft(97.0 comfort factor), locky, crimpy, fine shaela fleece.

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