Saturday, March 14, 2009


Due to the untimely death of a nearby farmer and friend we have recently added two new ewes to our flock. On the left is "Heffe" a two year old daughter of Sandstone out of a Skater Boy ewe. We will be sending her very nicely crimped fleece in for testing during our next round of CD/T shots.

On the right is Winter Sky Secondhand Rose who is one of the last registered daughters of Winter Sky Skater Boy(one of the first spotted katmogets born in the U.S.). Rose has a very short crimpy fleece and a wonderfully mellow personality. She likes to hum in the mornings when I am bringing them their hay.

Both ewes are bred to a shaela colored Finn ram for May lambs. This fall if their test results are good they'll be A.I.'d to Heights Orion with a back-up breeding to Forrest or Red for Rose and Tennyson for "Heffe".

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Sharrie said...

I love the humming idea. I have never heard of that before. I wish one of mine would hum.