Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am ever so grateful we were able to find a horse for Meghan to love and grow with. Sofie has moments of brilliance and moments of willfulness like all equines and is managing to teach Meghan to savor the good times. Everyone who meets Sofie loves her. We also managed to find the perfect boarding barn near enough to the city we routinely visit, so Sofie is well cared for whenever we aren't around. And she has her mare pack to run with.
I am also thankful for the numerous fiber/sheep customers new and old who made 2009 a very good year for us, so we could afford to upgrade our truck and make some much needed purchases for the new paddocks. I look forward to seeing you all next season at the local farmer's markets and pet swaps.

I appreciate my sheep more than ever for their ability to hang in their during droughts, blizzards and other weather phenomenon and still produce such gorgeous fiber and lovely lambs. Their adaptability is inspiring. This season I was able to bring in more Cormo X's and I now have a small flock of exceptionally fine-fleeced animals to work with. Natural colored top from our farm is in the offing.

My daughter is funny, intelligent, savvy and a real help around the farm. We find we don't even have to talk much anymore...just know when each thing needs doing and work together to get it done. I know that her experiences on the farm are going to help her in whatever endeavor she chooses in her future. I cannot believe I didn't want children!

And then there are the ducks. What other animal can find such joy in the gloomiest, wettest and nastiest of sound off with such glad tidings at the sound of a bag of spinach being opened...or rejoice in a fresh pan of water.

I am looking ever so forward to 2010 and hoping that the peace we are finding in our own lives will somehow infuse others and spread.


Laura said...

Happy New Year! Sheep are great creatures! I hope your Cormos give you some nice lambs (and your Shetlands!)

ElroyTLanphear said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

Juliann said...

Happy New Year, Karen & Meghan!