Friday, January 29, 2010


Billy Bob Thornton cat--our 12 pound rescue from the local shelter--meets Quibble--our little black Cormo X ram lamb for the first time. Quibble liked the kitty, but shortly after this shot Billy decided lamb breath isn't for him. Quibble is for sale for $150 OBO as a fiber wether. He is going to have a very soft, longer staple black fleece and will be kept coated as he develops. We also have a white unregistered Cormo X ram lamb with good size, bone and overall structure and a lovely, consistent, lustrous crimpy fleece for sale for $200 for crossbreeding.


Sharrie said...

Great photo. How did you manage to catch that? Good job by the photographer, too!

Karen Valley said...

We were in the house trying to get portraits of Quibble and Billy just had to get involved. He is a rescue cat who likes to be in the middle of everything. I just kept shooting.