Thursday, March 25, 2010


To in sure we have enough room in the barns for next winter the following Cormo X sheep are for sale. For more information please go to

Ganache--Two year old dark brown ewe with a 20.6 midside micron fleece and a very mellow disposition.

Quibble--Black wethered lamb with a very downy soft fleece and sweet temperament. On the smaller side.

Marly--Black/dark brown twin ewe lamb with a shorter, denser, crimpy, lustrous fleece. Leggy, tall, long-bodied ewe lamb who has been handled daily.

Alistair--White twin ram to the above ewe lamb. Brown ear tips and extremely sound conformation. Exciting lustrous white fleece and good disposition.

All of the above have had coats since birth and would make lovely additions to mixed fiber flocks.