Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Breathe X Buster II--Dark moorit smirslet/sokket ram lamb(appears polled)"Bust A Move",
moorit smirslet ewe lamb"Breakaway".

Princess Buttercup X Sheltrgpines Bug(NASSA registerable lambs)--Fawn yuglet/sokket katmoget ram(polled)"Grasshopper", Flecket fawn kat ram(mostly white with probable scurs).

Kir X Buster II--Moorit gulmoget ewe lamb "Cinnamon", moorit gulmoget ram lamb(polled)"Rabbit".

Geneva X Buster II--Black ram lamb "Meatball".

Staccato X Buster II--Musket ram lamb "Meatloaf".

V Creek Sarah X Wintertime Fudge(NASSA registerable lamb)--Black ewe lamb

Wintertime Ruby X Wintertime Black Forrest(NASSA registerable lambs)--Moorit gulmoget ram lamb(polled), Moorit ewe lamb.

Foxtrot X Tennyson--Moorit ewe lamb "Vogue".

Alafair X Wintertime Fudge(NASSA registerable lambs)--Two black ewe lambs, moorit ram lamb.

Sheltrgpines Isidora X Wintertime Black Forrest--Black(Ag) gulmoget ram lamb,musket gulmoget ewe lamb.

Bramble Poppy X Wintertime Black Forrest--Twin black ram lambs.

Winter Sky Secondhand Rose X Wintertime Black Forrest--Black gulmoget ram with krunet.

We will have some very nice, select polled or half-poll ram lambs for sale from fine fleece lines. Also some mature stock and a few ewe lambs.

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