Thursday, April 7, 2011


Wintertime Grasshopper X Wintertime Chiffon single ewe lamb. "Vanity Fair" is being retained in our flock.
Wintertime Black Forrest X V Creek Princess Buttercup twin ewe lamb--"Crisp" named in honor of her paternal grandmother is being retained.
"Crisp" from another angle.
Winter Sky Khan X Winter Sky Marrakech single ewe lamb. "Mandalay" is being retained in our flock as is Khan's black triplet full sister born this spring--"Kashmir".
Wintertime ?--Single fawn katmoget polled ram lamb sired by Wintertime Grasshopper and out of River Oaks Simone. SOLD pending receipt of deposit. Breeding will be repeated next fall.
The newest ewe lamb on the farm(we've had 14 so far out of 19 lambs). A single dark brown darling sired by Wintertime Barqs and out of Wintertime Lizzie. She may be for sale.

We have just six more ewes to lamb and then we are done. The count so far is 19 Shetland lambs--5 ram lambs and 14 ewe lambs. Of those we've been ecstatic about 90 % of the fleeces and overall conformation. Stay tuned for the final lambs of the season.


Kelly Bartels said...

As usual, they are fantastic lambs. Good job.

Spinners End said...

Wow! All beauties. Those black lambs are so dark! Still waiting on Kir then? :)

stephen rouse said...

I'm speechless. Simply stunning.

Becky Utecht said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, very nice lambs! Simone's little ram looks very solid.

corinne said...

Amazing lambs!

Danny Hansen said...

Love the tail on that dark moorit!