Monday, March 5, 2012

Micron Results for 2012

Ewe's Have It John Doe--Yearling moorit smirslet polled ram lamb sired by Winter Sky Buster II and out of Wintertime Jane Doe(V Creek Sarah X Lil'Country Nightcap)--24.5/4.4/17.8/7.6/92.5/23.2

Ewe's Have it Kate--Yearing moorit smirslet granddaugher of Tennyson and Forrest--23.7/4.1/17.5/7.1/95.5/22.5

Farview Farm Sweet Tart--Three year old true black krunet out of Sheltrgpines Licorice--27.4/5.3/19.5/10.4/75.2/26.3--RESERVED

River Oaks Simone--Two year old dark moorit from Kimberwood lines--25.3/5.8/23.0/11.1/82.3/25.1--RESERVED

Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally--Three year old very dark blue-grey katmoget daughter of Wintertime Blues out of Sheltrgpines Salicional--25.9/3.9/15.0/6.7/90.8/24.1

Winter Sky Kashi--Moorit smirslet triplet out of Winter Sky Khaya and sired by Wintertime Black Forrest--22.9/5.6/24.3/10.1/6.1/91.8/22.9--RESERVED

Winter Sky Kashmir--Black full sister to Kashi and Khan--23.2/4.6/19.8/7.7/95.4/22.3. MAY BE FOR SALE.

Winter Sky Mandalay--Black yearling. Best Fleece on Hoof Jefferson 2011. Sire is Winter Sky Khan. Dam is Winter Sky Marrakech. 21.8/4.0/18.3/7.2/98.1/20.8

Winter Sky Marrakech--Grey blettet three year old sired by Forrest and out of Winter Sky Calypso. 22.9/4.5/19.7/8.3/94.7/22.0

Wintertime Alanis--Black two year old daughter of Wintertime Fudge out of Winter Sky Alafair. 24.9/4.4/17.6/7.6/91.0/23.6

Wintertime Anime--Grey spotted yearling out of Alanis and Wintertime Waterbug. 23.8/4.4/18.4/7.0/95.7/22.6

Wintertime Boer Goat--Yearling caped moorit/white flecket with aberrant horns sired by Wintertime Barqs and out of Wintertime Ladybug(GCH fleece Jefferson 2011)--20.2/4.1/20.5/7.7/98.1/19.6

Wintertime Crisp--Yearling fawn katmoget out of V Creek Princess Buttercup and sired by Forrest. 22.3/4.3/19.2/7.7/97.0/21.4

Wintertime Grasshopper--Two year old fawn smirslet katmoget polled ram--First yearling rams Jefferson 2011--25.6/3.7/14.3/6.6/92.1/23.6--RESERVED

Wintertime Manga--Black yearling full sister to Anime--22.9/4.7/20.7/7.9/91.2/23.3. RESERVED.

Wintertime Maple Sugar--Three year old modified moorit daughter of Red Velvet and out of Wintertime Chiffon--24.4/4.5/18.5/7.9/91.2/23.3

Wintertime Ruby--Six year old light moorit sired by Sandstone and out of Izzy--24.3/5.8/23.9/10.5/84.7/24.3.MAY BE FOR SALE.

Wintertime Twix--Moorit gulmoget daughter of Barqs out of Sweet Tart--24.4/4.4/18.2/7.7/91.6/23.2. MAY BE FOR SALE.

Wintertime Vanity--Yearling fawn smirslet katmoget sired by Grasshopper and out of Chiffon(deceased). Second ewe lamb and best fleece on hoof Jefferson 2011. 22.6/3.6/16.0/6.3/98.3/21.1.


Mac said...

awesome numbers karen!!! i sent you a facebook message! :-)

Martha said...

Hi! I found your blog on a recommendation from my favorite fiber mill. I absolutely love spinning and wearing Shetland. I was interested in Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally. Her color sounds absolutely gorgeous!! Is her fleece going to be available this year? Also, what do all of the numbers mean after her name? I was assuming the firs one is fiber diameter, but I'm clueless about the others! Thanks!!