Saturday, March 31, 2012


Mustang Sally X Khan twin dark grey katmoget ewe lamb at less than 12 hours old. She is almost as tall as her dam already. And her brother is even larger(black with white on his head). Cannot imagine where Sally was keeping these two but she lambed without making a peep in between barn checks and is an awesome mother. Got to love these Shetlands! Winter Sky Mandalay with her Ewe'sHaveIt John Doe single fawn krunet ewe lamb "Milan". She is a carbon copy of her dam with the same exquisite fleece and no britch. Just hope she has a bit more of a tail on her as that is an issue with Mandalay.

This is Blake. Khan X Wintertime Alanis. A lovely twin moorit ram lamb with a little white on his poll. He wasn't happy about going outside to pose and stood still for just a minute.

And this is B.o.B. Also out of Alanis. Absolutely suede-soft black ram lamb with some white on his head. He almost glitters in the light. He will be staying put for a time to make some very fine black lambs for us.

The road is drying up and we can actually travel straight into town which gives us an extra two hours at home. Have fourteen lambs on the ground so far and five more due to lamb within the next ten days. Vanity Fair(second place Fleece On Hoof and ewe lamb at Jefferson in 2011)is due bred to Khan on Monday. We look forward to that lambing ever so much.


Danny Hansen said...

Love the one out of Mandalay!

Mac said...

WOW they are awesome!!! love the katmoget ewe out of sally and the ewe out of mandalay!! great lambs Karen!!

Barb's Place said...

The babies are adorable. Don't forget to save me one of those ram lambs. SMILES