Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Todhill Jericho F1 Lambs at Winter Sky

Winter Sky Calypso--a blettet musket four year old ewe with a mature side micron test of 23.1 had a difficult lambing due to one dead lamb blocking her cervix. Space Cowboy pictured above was born breech and last. He is a heavily spotted light grey katmoget ram with exquisite fiber already and a lovely look to him. He may be Ag/Ab but only time will tell. His triplet sister "Diva" is pictured below. She was the first lamb out as I was finally able to find both her front feet and head and get her past the logjamb. A surprising smirslet fawn katmoget with total attitude in a very small package.

This is Winter Sky Chisenbop. He is out of Winter Sky Chutzpah--a black ewe with some facial markings whose side micron test at three years is 24.3 with an SD of 8.2. His birth was totally uneventful and unwitnessed which is more typical of lambings on our farm.

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