Thursday, June 28, 2007

A.I. Lambs Come North

This is Wintertime Jazz. A twin grey katmoget ram sired by Todhill Jericho A.I. and out of Whistlestop 0427--my daughter's black ewe we all call Izzy. The lamb to the left of him in the coat is his brother Blues who is being is the dark mioget ewe behind him sired by Heights Orion A.I. and out of Tennyson's dam Loretta. My eternal gratitude to Cynthia Caillagh-Allen for her housing a number of my animals and giving them such good care during the fall and winter. Our A.I. lambs are exciting this year. We just spent a couple days with our hands on them checking out fleeces and conformation and beginning to plan our next breeding season. We have some truly exceptional ram lambs to work with in addition to our mature rams. It looks as though we will need more breeding pens to accomodate all the possibilities.

This is Winter Sky Leonid. He is an A.I. ram sired by Heights Orion and out of Loretta. There's a breeding pen reserved for him this fall undoutedly.


Garrett808 said...

WOW karen those ram lambs sure have nice horns :) And the confirmation on them from what I can tell is amazing as well. Yikes! I'm in trouble when I go to Cynthia' Glad you guys had such a great year with the A.I. You both deserve it for all of your hard work you've done to save the breed. Keep it up! You are welcome anytime to come for a visit here!

Cary said...

I love seeing the pictures of your beautiful sheep, Karen!