Monday, June 4, 2007

Winter Sky Lambs in June

Above is Winter Sky Kir Royale(Black Forrest X Kristol). She is a gulmoget/katmoget ewe lamb linebred on Enfield Greyling I have high hopes for. Her fleece is very soft, crimpy and lustrous with an unsual tint to it. I am looking forward to spinning it in the future. She is being retained in the flock.
Winter Sky Diva(Jericho F1 out of Winter Sky Calypso)continues to live up to her name. She just keeps getting better and better. I like her fiber handle and length. She should make a nice cross with one of Meghan's gulmoget rams or possibly an Orion F1 this fall.

Winter Sky Space Cowboy(Diva's brother)is growing quickly into a boy with an attitude. If his fleece wasn't so extremely soft and crimpy I'd have doubts about keeping him around, but I will have to use him this fall on at least a few ewes just to see what he can produce. Both his parents test in the low 20's for AFD, so he should be able to continue the tradition on this farm for only the finest fibered Shetlands.


Cary said...

It looks like your lamb crop was pretty awesome, Karen!

Tammy said...

Royale is gorgeous and this picture makes her look like an artistic rendition in pastels! Very neat.