Monday, June 4, 2007

Wintertime Landslide Lambs in June

Winter Sky All Night Long(aka Party)is a black/white HST son of Landslide and Kiss This. He spends much of his day leaping about and enjoying the company of our other May ram lamb--Mud Puddle. Nothing phases this lamb and he is easy to spot wherever he goes.
Wintertime Creme Brulee(Landslide X Crisp) is developing into a very nice ewe. She has her dam's unusual katmoget coloration and good length to her very silky fleece. Her crimp is developing slowly which is the way we like it. She is Meghan's favorite Landslide daughter.

Wintertime Pavlova(Landslide X Crisp), Creme's twin sister has a remarkably crimpy, soft moorit fleece and outstanding conformation and type to go with it. She occasionally spends time with us but more often than not chooses to enjoy her hay instead at night.

And last but not least are the twins out of Sarah sired by Landslide. Thriller is remaining polled at seven weeks of age and has a wonderful disposition like his sire. He is also exhibiting a very strong hindleg set and developing a lovely fleece. His sister Sweet Escape(aka Gwen)has a slightly darker shade to her fleece and longer fiber which is just starting to develop. Landslide's true fleece didn't come in until Fall, so we look forward to how these lambs will mature.

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