Monday, October 20, 2008


Meghan wants to work towards a fully polled flock of Shetlands, so I went shopping for a polled line in either ram or ewe with unrelated or less-related bloodlines to what she already owns. I found "Bailleys" down at MFF in Juli Budde's pens and felt he was definitely worth bringing north. His fleece is consistent and crimpy with nice structure overall and a light fawn/mioget coloration coming in at the skin. He tested 22 at the last rib this fall. His breeding group will consist of Meghan's two foundation ewes: Wintertime Ruby(Red's dam who tested 21.6 microns at two years of age)and V Creek Sarah(a Dillon F1/Holly F2)grey katmoget ewe whose second test was 25.3 AFD, 5.5 SD, and 21.7 CV.


Juliann said...

Well look at that color! I wonder where that come from? I'm so happy you bought him and that you and Meghan are happy with him. :)
Thanks again!

stephen rouse said...

Karen, those ducks are really wonderful. Beautiful birds. And I love that black one. It's gorgeous. And the fleeces look heavenly. All wonderful prizes of the Queen of Fine and her work. :-) Thanks to Meghan and you for letting me purchase Blues. He is one spectacular ram.