Monday, October 20, 2008


Winter Sky Black Forrest X Wintertime Ruby(Sandstone daughter). Red has a very dense, crimpy, shorter fleece that is very consistent. His fall test at last rib was 21.7 AFD, 3.8 SD, and 17.7 CV. He appears to be even finer than his sire who has maintained a dramatically soft black fleece into maturity. Red's group will consist of the following ewes: Thistlekeep Aquilegia(shaela ewe with a 24 micron), Wintertime Chiffon(Aman X Crisp moorit) and Wintertime Aretha(grey katmoget F2 Jericho double F3 Holly/Jamie). These lambs will be NASSA registerable.


Juliann said...

Nice! Hey, ALL your flock sires look awesome!

Rayna said...

*drool* He's GORGEOUS!