Thursday, October 2, 2008

TEXAS A & M Micron Results--2008 Lambs


ARETHA(Blues X Alafair grey katmoget ewe) AFD 25.7 SD 5.9 CV 22.8

FUDGE(Forrest X Ruby HST moorit horned ram) AFD 19.7 SD 5.4 CV 27.4

ITASCA(Landslide X Izzy black ewe) AFD 24.3 SD 4.8 CV 19.8

RED(Forrest X Ruby half-poll moorit gul ram) AFD 21.7 SD 3.8 CV 17.7

CHIFFON(Aman X Crisp modified moorit ewe) AFD 22.0 SD 4.6 CV 20.7


ANI(Leonid X Anya moorit ewe) AFD 22.1 SD 4.5 CV 20.5

CAPTAIN(Forrest X Amaretto half-poll shaela gul ram)AFD 21.6 SD 4.3 CV 20.1

ELLE(Forrest X Sahra black gul ewe) AFD 23.5 SD 4.7 CV 19.9

FOXTROT(Leonid X Calypso musket ewe)AFD 23.5 SD 5.1 CV 21.7

GENEVA(Forrest X Loretta black ewe)AFD 21.4 SD 4.9 CV 22.7

GRACELAND(Cointreau X Nissa dark brown ewe)AFD 20.7 SD 5.0 CV 24.2

KAHLUA(Cointreau X Kir fawn gul ewe)AFD 20.9 SD 6.6 CV 31.4

KODACHROME(Leonid X Khaya HST moorit horned ram)AFD 20.4 SD 4.4 CV 21.7

SKATER(Cowboy X Breathe spotted half-poll grey kat ram)AFD 21.8 SD 4.2 CV 19.2


susan said...

I can really see the effects of the SD and the CV on Red and his brother Fudge from the fleece samples you sent me.
I didn't expect Fudge to have a lower micron, but now when I look back I see that some of his fibers were finer, but he also had some courser fibers hence the higher CV and SD.
The lower SD and CV must give the staple the more uiniform tiny crimp that I like.

Rayna said...

Congrats Karen! Looks pretty darn good :)