Wednesday, July 1, 2009


On June 1st we moved Sofie to the barn where Meghan rode when she was leasing Tigger. It is a lovely smaller barn that is kept in immaculate condition. There are turnout paddocks and pastures and the horses get nothing but the best of care. Sofie shares the front paddocks with two other mares, and they all get along famously. There is also a nice indoor arena(if you don't mind pigeons occasionally swooping past)and a very large, grassy outdoor arena as well. In the future there will be trails through the woods in the back twenty, but for now Meghan and Sofie like to cool down out in the front yard. Meghan has been working on training Sofie to come down and seek contact on the bit. Sofie had an inverted neck when we first brought her home in April(loads of muscles underneath and not much on top). With the addition of a magnesium supplement to help lessen her tensions(since we don't know her history we aren't sure just what it is that makes her tense), she is starting to relax more under saddle and the result is a much nicer profile.
Here Sofie shows that she can actually bend at the poll and soften her jaw if asked nicely.
This is my favorite photo of late. Who couldn't have fun riding on a lovely coolish summer day with that backdrop?

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