Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In April we had a heavy snowstorm that broke down some of our more vulnerable trees. I left this plum trees limbs for the sheep to eat and they've really enjoyed the leaves and blossoms. Rags(Cormo X on the left)has decided she is a "Shetland" and is now in the lead on many of the sprints across the field on cooler mornings. She'll be headed downstate this summer to be bred to either another spotted Cormo X ram or a white registered Cormo. My other two Cormo X ewes are currently in with a black Cormo X ram. We are hoping for mid-winter lambs to play with.
Meghan sat down for a moment and soon had Wintertime Ruby, Stinkbug(name still pending)and Bailleys in her lap looking for love and attention. Ruby will be bred back to Wintertime Black Forrest this fall for a repeat of the breeding that produced Red & Fudge. Meghan is hoping for that elusive moorit gulmoget ewe lamb she has always wanted.

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