Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Australian Spotted Bantam Ducks

We've owned Australian Spotted Bantam ducks for a number of years and find they are a perfect fit for our homestead gardens. Unlike chickens who inevitably removed all mulch from my beds and made huge dusting pits, the ducks wander the gardens probing with their bills and eliminating many pests like slugs, snails and grasshoppers. They are also one of the most cheerful animals whenever it rains and is cold. Our ducklings are all naturally reared and learn early on to come into the barn around suppertime for protection from predators. Our ducks are extremely good mothers, and our drakes have shown the tendency to form bonds with specific females they will watch over with great care.

We currently have all three color variations of the Aussies and will have sexed ducklings available this summer. For more information you can visit my website: www.winterskyshetlands.com.

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