Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Winter Sky Tennyson

The heart of Bright Angels' Farm is our Shetland flock. They have created pastures, provided nourishment for our gardens, given us untold hours of peaceful interaction and grow the most colorful fleeces each year for me to process into yarns and knitgoods. I've been working with pure Shetland stock for more than 14 years now and strive each and every year to only breed the highest quality fibered animals possible.

Tennyson is the culmination of my breeding goals. He has an extremely richly hued dark brown fleece with the softness of alpaca and the crimp most often seen in only the finest sheep breeds. He also displays an intriguing personality and in his first test season threw two spotted polled ram lambs and a very lovely ewe lamb. He is also resistant to scrapie and passes on that resistance to his lambs. We look forward to this spring's lambs as Tennyson was used on a number of my nicest ewes.

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