Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter Sky Sahra & Buster Brown

Sahra is a Winter Sky Sandstone daughter with a wonderfully fine (21.9 AFD 4.5 SD lamb)fleece that is staying a rich dark brown as it matures. Sahra is bred to Tennyson for April lambs. This is a repeat of her first breeding which produced Buster Brown. He is an amusing polled moorit/white ram lamb with a wonderful fleece. Buster is currently at Cynthia Caillagh-Allen's


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I am really enjoying "meeting" your sheep this way. By the way, what is "SD" when you are giving fleece stats?

Karen Valley said...

SD means Standard Deviation. In other words the smaller that number the more single-coated the sheep is. I've owned Shetlands that had an SD around 10 with a double peak on their tests showing they were carrying two different fiber types in their fleeces.

When the SD is low you'll typically see a single tower on the graph...the narrower the tower the nicer and more uniform the fleece.