Monday, October 19, 2009


On the left is Aly--her fleece went GCH at Monterey last year. She is a four year old ewe bred to a large, black Cormo X ram named Mars. On the right is Ganache. Her sire is a registered white Cormo and her dam is a dark brown Cormo X ewe. She is just a year old with great depth and width already and an inquisitive personality. She is also hopefully bred to Mars. We are anticipating mid-winter lambs. Ganache's fleece is dark/dark brown and lustrous and dense and crimpy and soft from stem to stern.
Another shot of Ganache.

And last but not least is Raggedy Ann. BIS fleece down at Michigan Fiber Fest this summer and a coming two-year old. She may be due bred to Mars as early as January 8th.
Fleece samples from the girls. Raggedy's is on the left with a 16 micron test this spring. Aly's is upper right(she tested 21 microns at three years of age)and Ganache's lamb fleece is bottom right. We have one white ram lamb already reserved should we get one and a ewe lamb is reserved as well. We will have any ram lambs available for sale at weaning.


Garrett808 said...

That cormo fleece and historgram/micron numbers are just unbelieveable....WOW

I'm excited to see what you produce, even if I'm not getting any :)

Karen Valley said...

When 3 SD's are common along with CV's in the teens it does get pretty fun to see test results come back in the mail. But it is even more fun to take the coats off and just play from front to back through the crimp. Bet you are busy right now getting ready for A.I. and winter. Isn't fall an intense time of year!!

Charlotte Epley said...

Opps, you are mistaken...Raggedy Ann

17.6 microns
SD 3.2
CV 17.8