Monday, October 19, 2009


Winter Sky Tennyson is back up north and in a breeding pen through mid-November. His fleece has remained beautifully crimpy, consistent and fine with very little britch. His temperament is outstanding. He lost a horn this summer, but both horns were symmetrical and clear his head nicely. He does carry polled lines and has thrown clean-polled sons. His third fleece tested 25.4/4.8/18.9. We will be testing him again in February.
Tennyson with two Black Forrest daughters(NCWGA registered). Geneva is the black ewe and a half-sister--her first fleece tested 21.6/5.2/23.9. Kir Royale is a fawn gul/kat. Her second fleece tested 23.0/6.0/26.0. Both ewes have amazing lock structure, crimp and fineness to their fleeces with high luster. We are looking forward to seeing what Tennyson can do with them.

V Creek Princess Buttercup is four years old and being bred to Bug with a back-up to Bailleys. She is a Bartok daughter out of Greyling lines that go back to Winter Sky Linsey. She's fine-boned with a lovely, crimpy, consistent fleece although we'd like to see less britch on her. She'll be tested in February with the rest of the flock. Thanks to Maureen Koch for allowing her to come to the U.P.
Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally--Wintertime Blues X Sheltrgpines Salicional--is a lovely, if somewhat wild, dark blue-grey katmoget ewe lamb. Meghan is leasing her for the winter to cross with Bailleys. I am looking forward to spinning up her fleece. She'll be tested in February with the rest of our flock. Thanks Stephen for giving Meghan the opportunity to use this really nice ewe lamb.
Winter Sky Kismet--Willowcroft Jamie X Rarebriar Kiss Me Kate. Kismet is nine years old and I was going to stop breeding her, but she seems to be into the entire "lamb" thing, so I am going to cross her one final time with Bug. She has produced spotted lambs in the past and I don't think his fleece type will hurt her more intermediate fleece. Her second fleece tested 27.1/7.5/27.8. Her last fleece was 29 microns AFD.
Winter Sky Breathe--Winter Sky Sandstone X Winter Sky Ready to Run--is one of my NCWGA ewes. Her fleece tested 25.9/6.4/24.7 as a two year old and has turned a glorious fawn. She always outproduces herself, so we are hoping for a ewe lamb this spring. Tennyson has been known to produce spotted/polled lambs from the Sandstone lines.
Owl Hill Lady Grey is linebred on Enfield Greyling. Her fall lamb fleece tested 24.2/5.2/23.6, so she is being bred to Bug this fall.
Wintertime Chiffon--Firthoffifth Aman X Glenmore Crisp--is a coming two year old. She is being given a year off from breeding as she produced a lovely ewe lamb her first lambing and then put everything into the lamb and nothing into growing up. Her lamb fleece tested 22.4/5.2/23.3 and the second fleece is coming in with lovely sheen, crimp and lock structure. Bailleys wishes we would change our minds and spends much of his time giving her kisses through their mutual fence.
Wintertime Maple Sugar is a Wintertime Red Velvet daughter out of Chiffon. She will not be bred this first year as she as a later lamb. Instead she'll be keeping Wintertime Lizzie(a Firthoffifth Thayu X Whistlestop 0427 fawn ewe lamb)and Winter Sky Marakesh company.

Winter Sky Marakesh is my final daughter out of Winter Sky Calypso(who died unexpectedly out in the field late in June). She was born this color and has a completely amazing fleece under that coat. Her sire is Wintertime Black Forrest.

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