Friday, October 30, 2009


We found out in July that Sofie's feet were not as okay as we had been lead to believe by our first farrier. In fact she had flat feet with no soles and was rushing around under saddle, because she was in pain. So for a month her feet were cast by a local natural foot trimmer and Meghan handwalked her for an hour a day. She grew soles and now has pretty wonderful feet. With the feet issue resolved Sofie figured out she had some body issues from trying to run off her feet. So she's been in rehab to develop better muscling and more connection between her front and back ends. She seems to be much more relaxed these days...enjoys her stretches and has been on some shorter trail rides without getting all gnarly. Everyone who meets her agrees she is a sweet horse who just needed a chance to be one person's partner. The chiropracter comes out on Wednesday to insure she is as straight as possible, and we will continue from there.


Spinners End said...

Those are beautiful girls Karen!

:) Sherry

Bill Stearman said...

what a LUCKY horse!

Blessings and the warmest of thoughts to all three of you ... from Red Velvet and I ... :-)