Monday, October 19, 2009


Tennyson's fifth fleece. I adore this ram.
Winter Sky Ani's second fleece. She is an Orion F2 ewe out of my "A" line. She is being bred to Forrest for NCWGA lambs in 2010.

Whistlestop 0427(Izzy). Her sixth fleece is growing in very nicely with loads of tiny crimp and good density and color. She is the dam of Blues & Jazz. This season she is being bred to Wintertime Fudge. The last time she was crossed with the Sandstone line she produced Ruby who has proven to be another wonderful productive ewe.


Laura said...

Nice looking sheep and fleeces. Question how do you think the Cormo cross will card and hold up in yarn? That (16 microns)is really fine!

Karen Valley said...

I've spun some Cormo and it can get noils in the roving if you aren't careful, but it spins up very nicely, because it tends to have a 4-5 inch staple length(unstretched). We shall see. I have her fleece at the mill being carded into pindrafted roving(they'll ship it back to me if it shows signs they cannot card it correctly).