Friday, October 8, 2010


Wintertime Alanis(Wintertime Fudge X Winter Sky Alafair)--Triplet black ewe lamb whose moorit horned brother(with an even better fleece) will be further evaluated and retained for next year. Very friendly. May be bred to Waterbug this fall.

Winter Sky Marrakech(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Calypso--NCWGA)Two year old spotted grey ewe whose first fleece tested 19.0 AFD/3.7 SD/19.5 CV and 6.8 CEM. Will be bred to a polled Forrest son this fall.

Wintertime Ladybug(Sheltrgpines Bug X Sheltrgpines Mustang Sally)--Single black ewe lamb with a few traces of grey in main fleece. She'll be bred to a Bug son this fall.

Owl Hill Lady Grey--Twin possibly homozygous Ag yearling ewe whose first fleece tested 23.2 AFD/5.0 SD/21.4 CV/9.1 CEM. Her second fleece in fall tested 31 microns with 50% greater than 30 so she has been sent to a pet home. We won't breed with animals that have coarse fleece even if they have illustrious parentage or a high percentage of UK lines.

Fairview Farm Sweet Tart(Bono Creek Caper X Sheltrgpines Licorice)--Sweetie's dam is a shaela ewe and her sire is a ram my mom owned but never got the chance to use. Her fleece tests 24.1 AFD/5.2 SD/21.6 CV/11 CEM. She'll be bred to Grasshopper this fall.

V Creek Angel--Seven year old ewe that is listed as white but is actually grey. Her 2010 fall test was a respectable 26.3 AFD with a 4.7 SD and 17.9 CV. She is in with Wintertime Black Forrest this fall.

River Oaks Ebony(River Oaks Greyson X River Oaks Lana)--Black twin ewe lamb who is a bit on the wild side but very nicely put together and from extensive polled lines. Her fleece tested this fall in the more intermediate range(24.1 AFD/5.7 SD/23.7 CV), so she'll be bred to Waterbug.


stephen rouse said...

What an awesome group of ewes! Next spring's lambs are going to be incredibile jewels!

Ok Acres said...

Bravo.......can't wait to see what hits the ground in 2011!
As always, quality stands out.

Laura said...

Nice flock of ewes. angle is really interesting! Is her fleece solid grey or a mix of black and white like the typical light grey?

I have and F2 Greyling ewe with a fleece very similar to Waterbug's and I think I'm going to AI her to Jings.

Karen Valley said...

Hi Laura--Angel's fleece is grey like a katmoget's. No mix of black and white...just dove grey. Your Greyling F2 to Jings should prove to be an awesome cross. Looking forward to seeing what you get this upcoming spring from your AI choices.

The Hansen's said...

Nice to see Sweet Tart's fleece! I should really get over to Dan's more often....:)