Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wintertime Grasshopper(Sheltrgpines Bug X V Creek Princess Buttercup)--Twin spotted fawn katmoget.
Fall Texas A & M micron test 20.7 AFD/4.3 SD/21.0 CV/7.7 CEM.
From the back.
Headshot. He had potato chip thin scurs which have broken off.

Headshot of Sommarang Hansel(Undertheson Red Lion X Sommarang Elise).
Tail shot of Hansel.
Yocom-McColl fall micron test of 23.9 AFD/4.8 SD/20.2 CV with 8.5% fibers greater than 30.
Sideview of Hansel who appears to be a modified grey gulmoget. He'll be heading to Becky Utecht's farm after he is used on a couple modified/poll carrying ewes this fall.

Headshot of Wintertime Barqs(Wintertime Black Forrest X Wintertime Ruby).
His hindend and very correct tail.
Sideview of Barqs. Polled moorit gulmoget with some frosting and a more intermediate fleece style with nice length.
Texas A & M fall micron test of 23.1 AFD/6.0 SD/26.1 CV/10.9 CEM.

Wintertime Waterbug(Sheltrgpines Bug X Owl Hill Lady Grey)--Ag single ram lamb with numerous Greyling lines.
Texas A & M fall micron test was 21.5 AFD/4.5 SD/20.8 CV/7.5 CEM.
Waterbug from the back.


Ok Acres said...

Love the Bug offspring and hoping that I get the same spectacular results next year, as you've obviously gotten this year.
Love your fleece! And, your sheep.

Karen Valley said...

Will be posting a photo of Bug's daughter out of a Blues daughter hopefully next week. She is very black so it might be hard to get the fleece shot...we shall see. Our camera tends to freak out when taking photos of black Shetlands.

Jenny Holden said...

Gorgeous looking fleeces! What nice boys :o)

Sharrie said...

Bailleys is doing fine. He is in a pen that is a section of the ram pasture. There is some butting going on, but they are rams. Beautiful rams lambs!

Michelle said...

Yes, all very drool-worthy!

Theresa said...

Nice fleeces on those boys, Karen!

Becky Utecht said...

Very nice assortment of rams and fleeces. Thanks for including all the photos of Hansel and his micron results, my girls are patiently waiting for him.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Gorgeous rams! Becky, you are very lucky! :)

susan said...

I love the bug offspring too. Their histos are identical!

Nice to know that my lines crossed well with yours.

Karen Valley said...

Oops...they really aren't exactly the same. Corrected Waterbug's micron test results. Bug was just what Lady Grey needed for fleece. We shall see how the next generation fares.

corinne said...