Sunday, October 24, 2010


My daughter and I have worked hard for almost two decades now to produce only the finest fleeced Shetlands while preserving good type, intelligence and health in our flock. We micron test religiously every February and take our samples from the last rib to give a greater indication of the overall fleece quality on our animals.

We keep fleece samples from that same area from all our sheep from year to year, so we never cannot send fiber samples to prospective customers. We want you to feel what you are buying even if it is from a distance. We are also more than willing to clip current samples and let you know just how much time has passed since the last shearing date, so you can get some indication of where our sheep stack up in comparison to your own.

We have the capacity now to send current photos from all angles including fleece shots and aren't opposed to heading out to the barn on any given day to insure you have those photos asap. Our sheep are coated year-round for my fiber business so the fleeces will be "mashed" a bit, but that just gives you a better indicaiton of the overall build of our animals and how consistent the fleeces are.

We have never had CL on our farm. None of our animals tested on other farms including my daughters goats have ever tested positive for any diseases. We fecal test sheep prior to their leaving our farm to insure you have a clean animal entering your premises.

And our prices are at the lower end of the spectrum for breeding stock of this quality. Delivery to lower Michigan and Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival(in 2011)is free of charge excluding a health certificate at the buyer's request.

You'll also find we do not hype our animals. We don't tend to throw adjectives around but just let photos, samples and micron tests help you determine if one of our animals will fit in your breeding program.

Contact us if you might be interested in something from our flock in 2011.

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