Thursday, October 14, 2010


The old garden fence which keeps our UP deer somewhat honest and away from our groceries was listing badly after 17 years of winter, so it had to go. But it is the only barrier between the sheep pastures and our front yard, so care was taken to run the new lines (whenever possible)prior to removing the old posts and welded wire. It is always nice to have help and the first 50 feet I managed to find two stalwart young lads to assist. But it is hunting season, so Meghan and I are now working on this immense project by ourselves. Fortunately the weather has been perfect and things are progressing nicely.

Our flock grazing after being let out after one of our work sessions.


Ok Acres said...

What a lovely picture! You must be at peak color up there.

Karen Valley said...

Actually this was past its prime. We had peak about a week to two weeks ago and were ablaze in color. Now all the leaves are off the trees for the most part and the sky is larger once again.

Spinners End said...

Nice clouds! Your fencing looks certainly don't need deer in there with your lovely garden.