Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Wintertime Maple Sugar(Wintertime Red Velvet X Wintertime Chiffon)--Yearling ewe lamb that was held over last winter. Her first fleece tested 20.9 AFD/4.5 SD/21.7 CV/8.2 CEM. She will be bred to Sommarang Hansel for a linebreeding on Roban Dillon with the chance for modified/polled lambs.

V Creek Princess Buttercup(Underhill Bartok X V Creek Satin)--Six and a half year old ewe who is the dam of Grasshopper. Her last fleece tested 28.4 AFD/4.4 SD/15.6 CV/6.5 CEM. She will be bred to Wintertime Black Forrest this fall.

Wintertime Chiffon(Firthoffifth Aman X Glenmore Crisp)Moorit twin two year old ewe that wasn't bred last winter, so she could grow out. She went through a really ugly phase but seems to have come into her own now. Her second fleece tested 22.1 AFD/4.6 SD/20.9 CV/9.2 CEM. Service sire not selected yet.

Wintertime Lizzie(Firthoffifth Thayu X Whistlestop 0427)--Twin modified(fawn?)coming two year old ewe that was kept open last winter. Her first fleece tested 20.7 AFD/4.8 SD/23.3 CV/9.1 CEM. She will be bred to Sommarang Hansel to increase fleece length and possibly produce something highly modified and polled.

Wintertime Ruby(Winter Sky Sandstone X Whistlestop 0427)Twin four year old ewe that has produced some outstanding lambs including Barqs and Red Velvet and Fudge(in S. Rouse's flock). Ruby's fourth fleece tested 23.7 AFD/5 SD/20.9 CV/9.2 CEM. She will be crossed one more time with Wintertime Forrest in the hopes of getting a gulmoget ewe lamb(on Meg's wish list). Her fleece has changed dramatically in color but is still buttery soft and finely crimped. We see these changes often in the Sandstone ewes.

Winter Sky Vogue(NCWGA)(Winter Sky Tennyson X Winter Sky Foxtrot)...my final ewe lamb sired by Tennyson and a surprise when we removed her coat. She's the most like her sire in fleece type of any of the lambs he produced. Well worth the wait for me. May expose her to my Forrest son this fall to see if she settles. If all goes well I'll be showing her fleece next year at the fiber events.

Winter Sky Kir Royale(Wintertime Black Forrest X Winter Sky Kristol)--Fawn katmoget/gulmoget ewe with beautiful structure and type. She always produces a ewe lamb for me but so far I haven't retained any. She'll be bred to my Forrest son. Her third fleece tested 26.8 AFD/6.1 SD/22.8 CV/12.7 CEM.
River Oaks Simone(River Oaks Greyson X River Oaks Hattie)--Polled lines and a very dense, short, crimpy fleece with lovely color on this ewe lamb. We will be micron testing her later this winter with the flock. Will probably be crossed with Grasshopper.

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